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Problem or opportunity? We only see and measure 4% of our reality


This physicist does not dream about having a new law about the workings of the universe named after him. Nor about that ultimate equation that will solve the mysteries of humankind. He doesn’t even think that such a law or equation exists. Still, his work could have a deeper impact on the way we live our lives than anything that came before him.

Here’s the problem: The proud discoveries of Western science over the past 400 years—starting with René Descartes and Isaac Newton—deal with only 4 percent of our reality. Yes, according to the latest calculations, only 4 percent of the universe’s mass-energy is occupied by atomic matter and electromagnetic energy. That is, by stuff we can see and/or measure. That leaves 96 percent, vaguely described as “dark matter,” that we don’t understand and cannot explain. However, is it realistic to assume that that 96 percent has no influence on our lives? Four decades of research have convinced Yury Kronn, now 81, that everything is determined by the unknown, little-understood energies of that 96 percent of our reality.

His experiments provide convincing evidence but lack any reasonable connection with the current paradigm of mainstream science, and thus are mostly dismissed if not ridiculed. Yet the future health of the earth and of her human inhabitants may very well depend on his findings.

The story begins in 1976, behind the Iron Curtain in Moscow. Yury Kronn is working as a physicist at the Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics at the Academy of Sciences and about to finish his dissertation, “Resonant Non-linear Interactions of Light with Matter.” A colleague tells him about experiments that are being done at the institute with two women who have paranormal capabilities. The women have demonstrated the ability to move objects or the needle of a compass with their minds and read texts hidden under iron plates.

Kronn decides to witness the experiments—“They were happening at my institute, and I didn’t know anything about it”—a decision that will forever change his life. With his own eyes, he sees things that have no place in his physicist’s mind. “I was shocked. That night I couldn’t sleep. This is not logical—impossible, I said to myself. I’m a scientist. Ultimately, I needed to admit that what I saw with my own eyes were facts,” he says.

His next decision is one for the bravest in science. Instead of dismissing the “crazy” facts that don’t fit his scientific paradigm—as most often happens—Kronn decides to investigate. “You shouldn’t deny it just because you cannot explain it,” he says, looking back. His investigations—always a challenge during the Soviet era, with no easy access to foreign literature—lead to a very different world: the ancient texts of China and India that describe chi and prana as the “life force” of the universe, a force that unites energy as we know it in the West with spirit energy and consciousness. Kronn learns that ancient sages have always taught that the life force is the driving and organizing force of the whole universe and thus vitally important for the human being, as it permeates every cell and tissue of the living body. He reads about chakras, acupunctural meridians and mantras—“things that I had, of course, no idea about. My thought was: If this immeasurable force exists, can we use modern technology to harness it and thus establish a bridge between ancient and modern perception of the world we live in?”

The journey into this new world gradually alienated Kronn from the Soviet Union. In the early eighties, together with ten other Russian scientists, he organized the “Trust Group” movement to foster trust and promote peace between the Soviet Union and the West. He chaired the Disarmament Section of the first Moscow International Symposium for Humanitarian Problems in 1987. Although Mikhail Gorbachev had launched his perestroika by then, his activities were monitored and viewed with suspicion, and in 1988 he was informed that he had “received an invitation to go to the United States.”

Kronn was happy to leave the Soviet Union. For the past 12 years, he has been living and working in Medford, Oregon, where he continues a very active research and experimentation program, adding more and more evidence that subtle energy—the emerging term for the “mysterious” 96 percent of our reality—“contains the software of life. We can’t see it. We can’t measure it. But we know it’s there, because we can observe the effects of subtle energy on inanimate matter and living organisms. It has continuous, everyday influence on everything,” he says.

Yet the mainstream view in science still holds that so-called dark energy has nothing to do with our lives because it does not interact with electrically charged particles (electrons, ions) or with electromagnetic fields. It only interacts with some strange subatomic particles that don’t affect us, as Kronn says of the predominant view. When Yale astrophysicist Meg Urry said in 2007 that “the discovery of ‘dark energy’ is arguably the most important scientific breakthrough of the last 50 years,” she was viciously attacked by her colleagues.

“Mainstream science,” Kronn says, “doesn’t want to look at it and dismisses as pseudoscience everybody and anything that tries to investigate and explain. That’s a huge mistake.”

Kronn uses a metaphor to explain the existence and impact of subtle energy. If we were to ask fish what the key ingredient for their lives is, they would answer: “Water.” However, in reality, it is the oxygen dissolved in the water—the oxygen they can’t see or taste—that is fundamental to their lives. In the same way, Kronn argues, subtle energy—and not whatever we measure in that tiny 4 percent of our reality—is the key force of life.

The most mysterious property of subtle energy is that it interacts with consciousness. The human mind is capable of directing subtle energy and commanding it to do what we want. Hence, the women moving the objects. Such phenomena can be witnessed, but it’s hard to turn them into scientific experiments. However, experiments in China provided clear and convincing scientific evidence of the impact of subtle energy on matter.

In the 1980s, a team of Chinese physicists did a series of experiments with Dr. Yan Xin, a qigong master and medical doctor who graduated from a school of traditional Chinese medicine in 1977. Yan’s medical practice focused primarily on projecting qi (chi) energy to his patients to achieve healing, and he enjoyed impressive results. To test his abilities, the physicists designed a test. They asked Dr. Yan to direct his chi energy toward a radioactive substance, americium-241, which has a half-life of 458 years and emits alpha particles as it decays. The half-life is the length of time it takes for half of the atoms in the sample to decay. According to science, the decay rate is a constant governed by one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, the weak force.

However, in some 50 separate experiments conducted with the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Dr. Yan showed that he could slow down or speed up the decay rate on request. Yan directed chi at the radioactive material from various distances—from the next room, ten yards away, to 100 yards away, or even from 1,200 miles away. Distance played no role. He succeeded in raising the decay rate by an average of 9.5 percent and lowering it by 11.3 percent.

Kronn says, “It is important to note that neither electrical nor magnetic fields, no matter how strong, can influence the decay rate of radioactive elements.” But Yan’s chi does modify the characteristic behavior of matter. “The only logical conclusion is that chi interacts with the particles that make protons and neutrons, quarks or the even tinier particles, subquarks, that make quarks,” says Kronn. “It means that chi or subtle energy belongs to and acts in the subatomic world. It also means that subtle energy is a fifth force next to the four fundamental forces known to science—electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak forces.”

An article about the extraordinary results of the experiments by Dr. Yan Xin was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2002. Kronn says, “Unfortunately, the mainstream scientific community totally ignored this outstanding research that, if analyzed, could open new horizons for science.”

If atoms are influenced by subtle energy, one would expect there to be an impact on living organisms as well. That research has been done by Professor Joie Jones (1941–2013) at the University of California, Irvine. Beginning in the mid-nineties, Jones spent ten years investigating the effects of “pranic healing,” practiced by healers using techniques established in China and India thousands of years ago. In his lab, Jones exposed cell cultures in petri dishes to gamma radiation, which has been shown to severely damage the DNA of cells; the normal survival rate of cells under the established dosage of gamma rays was 50 percent. When specially designed subtle energy patterns were added to the culture, they had a survival rate of 92 percent. “If subtle energy is able to restore cells after this kind of damage,” Kronn explains, “we can understand why traditional Eastern medicine called this energy the ‘life force.’”

The research by Professor Jones gives credibility to the positive experiences many people have with “inexplicable” healing—energy medicine—methods like reiki and touch for health. It can also explain why, as experiments show, prayer supports healing; why the energy in acupuncture points on the body is measurably different from the energy in the surrounding skin; and why homeopathy works. All these healing approaches are based on forces that modern science cannot see or measure. Kronn says, “But we can observe the effects, and there are a lot of people who can see auras and who can feel the energy. These healers know how to use subtle energy. Moreover, people can learn to develop the same sensitivity.”

We’re sitting in Kronn’s lab, located at an isolated property outside Medford. Around us are beautiful mountains and peaceful forests. On Kronn’s research team are two fellow Russian scientists, Galina Kalyuzhny and Igor Nazarov; the three of them have known one another for decades. In the hall next to the lab, Nazarov and Kronn play table tennis—a game that the elder Kronn most often wins, displaying the age-defying, creative and versatile energy that drives his research as well.

Kronn likes to describe himself as “a scientist of the new paradigm.” It’s a fascinating paradigm where the worlds of spirituality and science meet. Forward-thinking physicists like Fritjof Capra have written books—The Tao of Physics—on this emerging trend. Conferences have been organized around the marriage of these two worlds. But here in the forests of Oregon, a real bridge between the new age and the new science is being built under the inspiring leadership of a Russian scientist who today is as much a meditator as a physicist.

In the past 20 years, in addition to modern science methodologies, Kronn has attracted to his work several gifted energy healers. This has allowed him to develop features in his technology that the rational mind cannot fathom. Imagine the following sequence of events: Kronn goes with his “recorder” to a waterfall and he makes a recording. He is not using the microphone or the camera, not recording sounds or images—the 4 percent we can all see and hear. He’s recording the 96 percent we don’t see. Subsequently he transfers his recording to a bottle of water, much like a bottle of homeopathic medicine.
Now we are entering a strange, vague world. How do we know that Kronn was able to record the waterfall? And what did he record? And how are we to believe that the “waterfall” is now in the bottle?

This is where one of Kronn’s close collaborators, Boston-based intuitive healer and scientist Laura Graye, comes in. Kronn presents her with 20 bottles of water. In one of them is the waterfall. In another is a symphony orchestra. In yet another is the recording of a prayer or an energy to fight pain or promote relaxation. The bottles are numbered 1 through 20. Graye holds one randomly chosen bottle in her hand. She has no idea which phenomena or patterns Kronn has been recording. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and says: “I feel water hitting rock. Heavy water, dropping. It’s a large waterfall.”

Luck? Well, Graye was 95 percent accurate in this experiment with 20 bottles—she missed only one. The chances of lucking into that result are obviously minuscule. Moreover, Kronn and Graye, who have been working closely for years, have lots of similar anecdotes to share. And Graye is not the only intuitive Kronn is successfully working with. In modern science, there are no reference points for these experiences. However, ancient Chinese and Indian medicine practitioners were perfectly aware of the importance of this energy for the health of people—that is why they developed healing methods such as acupuncture, and energy techniques like tai chi and qigong for regulating the energy flow in the body. They used their understanding of the world of subtle energy to heal their people and their lands. And that’s exactly the mission of Yury Kronn.

“There is a new paradigm emerging in many branches of science and medicine, and the evidence obtained from research and experimentation across many fields points to the fact that there are immeasurable energies we can observe only by their effects on matter, including the matter we are composed of,” Kronn says. He’s already recorded and generated hundreds of energies or patterns to support healing of all kinds of ailments and diseases. And he does the research to prove that the healing indeed happens.

Back to the lab of Professor Joie Jones in Irvine, where the experiments with gamma rays were conducted. The question arose: Could healing properties as developed and processed by Kronn produce the same results as the healers achieved? The answer: yes. But Jones and Kronn also faced a strange phenomenon: the results could be replicated in several labs, yet at some labs they would never work. Kronn recalls, “We had no clue. Everything was the same except for the results. In these labs we could not protect the cell cultures against gamma radiation.” What was different in the labs where the healing didn’t work? At some point the two scientists discovered that these labs were also used for experiments with dead animals. Could it be that they were “polluted” by the negative energy of death?

Kronn set out to develop a specific energy pattern, a spray called Clean Sweep, to “clean” the labs. After that pattern was applied, the experiments in those labs produced exactly the same results as in the normal labs. The tests have been replicated and well documented—Kronn is still the rigorous scientist he was trained to be, despite the fact that he now operates in a domain that science does not recognize.

The energy patterns that Kronn records and generates are based on real-life phenomena—from waterfalls to atoms. However, these real-life elements are not identifiable in the water solutions that he subsequently creates. The bottles of water, with their distinctly different energy “patterns,” all have an identical chemical content: water. That’s why Kronn talks about “phantom atoms.” The atoms are not there, but their impact is. This gives him a big advantage. For example, lithium is used in modern medicine as a strong antidepressant. However, lithium also has a significant negative effect on the liver. Kronn’s phantom atoms can replace chemical elements used for treatments and thus avoid the negative side effects.

It’s even possible to technologically capture and reproduce the “intent” of the human mind, much like the well-known pictures of frozen water molecules influenced by different kinds of music or thoughts that were produced by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto (see The pictures show very different patterns forming in the same water.

The same happens with Kronn’s experiments: different patterns lead to different results. In 2009, he did a test with an organic grower of wheatgrass. Half of the grower’s seedlings were given water infused with a special pattern based on energies of composts and soil activators. As a result, the treated wheatgrass showed a 10 percent increase in growth rate and produced 60 percent more juice than the untreated control group. The juice of the treated wheatgrass also tasted sweeter but had a lower sugar content. Kronn explains, “Chemically, there’s no difference between patterns, but cells growing in infused and non-infused substances grow differently.”

In another study, Kronn developed a stress relief pattern that was tested on mice by Professor Simons Svirskis at Riga Stradins University, in Latvia. Half the mice were fed the stress relief infusion; the control group didn’t get the formula. Both groups were exposed to a standard stress test: five minutes swimming in a high-sided container. Subsequently, the mice underwent a so-called open-field test where their movements were tracked. The mice drinking the stress relief pattern dramatically outperformed the control group—the difference in movement exceeded 500 percent. This shows, according to Kronn, that the stress relief formula “effectively normalizes the adaptive response to stress and reduces the impact of fear.”

The same stress relief formula was tested on humans in the BioEnergiMed Metabolic Institute in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, by Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle. He did heart-rate variability tests and found that the formula, in Kronn’s words, “really calms down the sympathetic nervous system and balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.” Kronn’s treatment of the negative effects of cell phone radiation provides another interesting example.

It’s possible to create very specific healing patterns for very specific situations. Kronn recalls that one of his collaborators once visited his lab with swollen and inflamed gums that caused substantial pain in her mouth. Kronn decided to work on a remedy on the spot. He experimented for a few hours, and at some point the healer reported, “This is exactly right. Let me sit with this energy for a few minutes.” Ten minutes later her gums were normal. The pattern “healthy mouth” is still used by Kronn and his team. “Some patterns have a pretty wide spectrum and will work for many people. We focus our efforts on such patterns,” says Kronn. “But in energy medicine, one size doesn’t always fit all, and other patterns can be very specific and may just work for one person.”

The subtle energy field is further challenged by the fact that the human being is part of the process. “If you are recording a waterfall while you are thinking about the quarrel with your wife,” he says, “you will be recording the quarrel with your wife, much like the energy of dead animals in Professor Jones’s lab distorted the impact of healing patterns. Your own energy will distort the energy pattern you are recording. Similarly, if you repeat an experiment and you don’t want it to work, then it won’t. Or, when one of my collaborators has a ‘bad—out-of-tune—day,’ we can’t accurately test energy patterns. We need to learn a lot more to get this technology right. It is so not simple.”

That high level of individuality also explains why Kronn is absolutely convinced that there is no law or equation that will ultimately capture the field of subtle energy. “How can you find a general equation for phenomena that interact with individual consciousness? We know where all these famous equations of physics come from: from experiments done in a vacuum excluding the impact of all other energy. You can’t squeeze God in a vacuum.”

Still, there are limitless possibilities in a world that cries for healing on so many levels. Literally limitless. Free energy devices that keep showing up around the world from time to time are, in Kronn’s view, able to access the subtle energy field. Kronn also believes that inexplicable wonders of history—the pyramids, Stonehenge—can only be explained by the fact that ancient people knew how to operate the subtle energy field. It allowed them to work in harmony with the fundamental forces of nature in ways that are not accessible to modern people.

“It is absolutely necessary to understand and work with this energy,” Kronn says. “It is the life force. We are creating electromagnetic, environmental and chemical pollution at an unprecedented scale that is very harmful to this force, to the fabric of life. We need to realize the existence of this force. The world cannot survive if we don’t get this to work.”

But the world of subtle energy is complex. “You can also record negative intentions that can harm people. The only protection is that the creator of these harmful energies will be impacted as well,” says Kronn. But that’s hardly a consolation in an era of suicide bombers. However, Kronn is optimistic. He sees the discovery of the workings of subtle energy being much aligned with increasing consciousness. In his view, a higher level of consciousness is necessary to understanding subtle energy, and that higher level of consciousness should protect its use, as it affects all life.

The health care industry, which is wrecking government budgets around the world, is a prime candidate for opening up to the application of energy medicine driven by a better understanding of subtle energies. Kronn argues, “How can you create a real health industry if you don’t know that there’s an energy which influences your health along with all the chemistry we are using? Every pill only affects the 4 percent; real healing happens in the 96 percent.” Or as Kronn’s collaborator Laura Graye says, “In every health decision we make, we miss 96 percent of the information.”

Across the road from the Vital Force Technology office in Medford, there’s a large facility for the rehabilitation of U.S. Army veterans. People come here to be treated for stress and trauma—disorders that are notoriously hard to treat. Yury Kronn stands ready to cross the road and knock on doors to share the results of his recent experiments with stressed mice. He’s sure he can help many veterans with his findings, in a cheap and efficient way. But as close as the veterans’ facility is, on the other side of the road is a different world, one that is not ready to welcome new opportunities to help people, even if there’s no risk of any harm.

Kronn sometimes shrugs his shoulders when he talks about the many opportunities science misses by not trying, not investigating. For him there’s no need to wait until science can prove how subtle energy works. We cannot explain what happens in the field of subtle energy, but we can observe experimental facts and we can scientifically prove these. We can show that energy patterns change blood analysis, heart-rate variability or brain waves.

“We can record and reproduce energetic formulas that then can be used forever,” he continues. “We can record the best healers, and their energies can be used for millions of people for generations to come. In the past, the Chinese could not record their qigong masters and spread their power around the world. Modern technology helps us now. And mainstream science denies that. Science is so arrogant. These ancient shamans knew so much more.”

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Notes à la fin de l'année 2017

Bonjour chers amis,

Les fêtes de Noël et de la Nouvelle Année approchent, et j'ai envie de vous envoyer tous mes voeux les plus chaleureux pour ces moments bénis entourés de votre famille et de vos amis. Que ce soit une vraie célébration de la vie et que vous en fassiez des fêtes de lumière alors que dehors les journées soient courtes et manquent un peu de lumière physique. C'est le  moment d'allumer  les bougies et d'écouter de  la  musique  sacrée, d'aller à l'église ou sur la Grand'Place pour voir la décoration de Noël et le Grand Arbre … Pensons à toutes les bonnes choses que nous  pouvons  faire ensemble, au fait que nous sommes  tous  reliés, tous une famille sur la même planète. Envoyons notre lumière à tous ceux  qui souffrent, à ceux  qui n'ont pas de toit sur la tête, qui ont faim, qui ont tout perdu et soyons avec eux en pensée. Ils ont besoin de notre compassion et notre bienveillance. Et faisons autour de  nous  ce que nous pouvons pour alléger  la  vie à quelqu'un en souffrance. Parfois  un petit geste peut faire des miracles. Pardonnons aussi à ceux  qui nous  ont offensé, car ils ont fait de leur mieux dans  la situation dans laquelle ils étaient  à ce moment-là. Chacun a  son  histoire, soyons à l'écoute. Et soyons aussi en gratitude pour chaque jour en  bonne santé, chaque leçon apprise, voyons le sens divin en chacun et chaque chose. Ne prenons pas les choses personnellement qui sont parfois projeté vers nous. 

Je me réjouis d'aller en Allemagne pour y rejoindre ma famille, d'autant plus  qu'il y a eu un petit garçon qui vient d'y arriver - arrière-grande-tante pour la 6e fois. Par contre je reviendrai à Bruxelles pour y fêter la nouvelle année. Je rentrerai le 29, et comme d'habitude nous allons nous réunir à partir de 19h chez moi. Chacun amène un plat ou une  boisson pour l'auberge espagnole. Et nous nous mettrons en méditation à partir de 23.30h pour rendre  grâce à l'année passé et souhaiter la bienvenue à 2018. Appelez-moi pour réserver votre place. 

Pour les dates des  groupes à Bruxelles  et Liège, je vous donne les  dates ci-joint. Attention, pour  la date de décembre à Liège,  il y a eu un changement, ce ne sera  pas le  dimanche 17 décembre, mais le dimanche 10 décembre à 15h chez Stefania. Pour Bruxelles ce sera comme  prévu le lundi 18 décembre à 19h chez moi. 

Les autres dates pour le début de l'année sont :
chez Stefania Pastechia (0496395035) Rue Haute Préalle 178, 4040 Herstal: 
les dimanches 14 janvier 2018 à 15h, 11 février 2018 à 15h, 18 mars 2018 à 15h. P.A.F. 5 €.

Bruxelles chez moi, adresse ci-dessous,
les lundis 15 janvier 2018 à 19h, 12 février à 19h, 19 mars à 19h, P.A.F. 5 €.

Mettez les dates déjà dans votre nouvel agenda 2018.

En même temps je vous encourage aussi à vous prendre  des moments dans le calme et le silence seul, chacun avec soi-même, pour faire un peu le bilan de l'année passée, quels étaient les meilleurs  moments, qu'est-ce qui m'a fait avancer le plus? D'être en gratitude pour tous  les beaux cadeaux que l'univers nous a offert et émettre une  intention pour ce que vous désirez mettre  en pratique dans la nouvelle année. C'est important de renouveler nos intentions pour régénérer nos  neurones qui autrement resteraient figés dans  les anciennes habitudes. Si nous voulons rester jeunes  et actifs il faut se mettre en mouvement et suivre notre  corps qui se renouvelle tous  les 7 ans automatiquement, et c'est notre tâche de l'encourager et soutenir dans cet  effort par notre pensée et en être reconnaissant. C'est pour cela  aussi que je voudrais vous  rappeler les 8 points du mode de vie délicieux préconisés par Jasmuheen pour élever notre conscience :
1. La méditation,
2. La Prière, 
3. Le Silence dans  la nature,
4. La Maîtrise des pensées,
5. Le Service - c'est à dire travailler pour le Bien commun,
6. L'exercice physique,
7. Un régime léger (végétarien, végétalien, cru),
8. La musique sacrée - écouter, pratiquer.
Si vous  avez envie d'approfondir je  peux vous envoyer le texte du Manuel entier de Jasmuheen sur  le Mode de Vie Délicieux que j'ai traduit en français, par email. Vivre en conscience, c'est cela le plus  important, mener une vie qui a du sens, voir le bien et le Divin en chacun et chaque chose, s'émerveiller de toutes les bonnes  choses, être dans l'instant présent, dans la Gratitude, la Compassion et célébrer la  Vie ! 

Petit rappel aussi que je suis toujours disponible pour vous guider dans un Jeu de la Transformation, le jeu qui peut transformer votre vie, qui vous permet de clarifier vos questions personnelles les plus importantes et de trouver comment avancer efficacement, d'ouvrir des voies nouvelles  pour améliorer vos relations, de mettre  en valeur vos capacités personnelles et de savoir contribuer pleinement au but que vous choisissez. Transformez vos peines et défis grâce à une nouvelle perspective, faites l'expérience d'un équilibre serein entre le jeu et le travail, approfondissez la connaissance de vous-même et des autres, recevez amour, inspiration et soutien sur votre  chemin.
Ou je peux aussi  vous recevoir individuellement pour vous écouter et vous  encourager sur votre route. 

Amour, Paix et Joie

Drève de la Brise 8/2
1170 Bruxelles
+32.26729684 ou 0486.961422

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The Red Dot Zones ... - Vidéo de Jasmuheen avec sous-titres français

Nous n'avons pas fait une autre vidéo, nous avons ajouté les sous-titres à la vidéo originale.

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Sinon, cliquez d'abord sur les paramètres et choisissez la langue souhaitée.
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“The world has never been healthier, wealthier, or better educated,” says Obama

Former US president Barack Obama says that, despite “extraordinary challenges,” now is the time to embrace optimism

“If you had to choose any moment in history to be born, you’d choose right now,” Barack Obama told a conference in New York recently.

“The world has never been healthier, wealthier, or better educated, or in many ways more tolerant and less violent than it is today.”

The former US president’s speech at a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation event on 20 September acknowledged the “extraordinary challenges” the world faces, but called on the audience of innovators, activists, musicians, comedians and royalty to embrace optimism and reject the cynical narratives of divisive politics and mainstream media.

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“By just about every measure, the world is better than it was 50 years ago, 30 years ago and even 10 years ago,” he said. “I know that statement doesn’t chime with the steady stream of bad news and the cynicism that we’re fed through television and Twitter, but since the 1950s, life expectancy has grown by more than 20 years. Since 1990 we have cut extreme poverty and childhood mortality in half. Since 2000 we’ve evolved from a world without marriage equality to one where it’s a reality in more than two dozen countries.”

The speech came just a day after his successor, Donald Trump, caused controversy in an address to the United Nations by saying that the US could be forced to “totally destroy North Korea”.

We have to reject the notion that we’re suddenly gripped by forces that we cannot control

Obama also raised concerns about the rise of “a politics that says it’s not ‘we’, but ‘us and them”. But he went on to say that “we have to reject the notion that we’re suddenly gripped by forces that we cannot control.”

He also referred to the ongoing problems of growing economic inequality, changing climate, terrorism, and mass migration, but said the progress he has witnessed during his lifetime shows that “despite the naysayers and the cynicism, change can happen. Individually and collectively we can make a difference, we can make things better.”

After ending his second term as US president in January, Obama said that his focus now is to train the next generation of leaders to change the world through his foundation, the Obama Foundation.

Despite the naysayers and the cynicism, change can happen. Individually and collectively we can make a difference

Obama’s speech took place at an event called Goalkeepers at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on initiatives that present practical solutions to the world’s problems. The two-day event brought together ‘determined thinkers, doers and givers’ to share ideas on achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN.

The original posted by Tom Lawson can be found here.

lundi 25 septembre 2017

The Grand Awakening - a Positive Insight & Time (from Jasmuheen and Anjie)


Welcome to our latest news - yes it is unusual for us to send our 2 newsletters in 2 months but something is happening and many can feel it! Something strong is unfolding, yet there is no matrix to tune to re this as it is a global co-creation, with many more coming together in clarity regarding how we wish to be together on Earth; playing the very limited but highly mesmerising 'me, me' me game' or moving even deeper collectively into the more unified, more Grace-filled game of the 'we'!

As I write this, The Global Citizen Festival is beaming out from Central Park in New York, with a variety of inspirational messages, music and messengers. The energy it has just been adding to the Unified fields is electrifying and you can a see a video on this here.   

Despite what appears to be chaotic times for some, people are gathering all around our world, they are coming into clarity and they are becoming stronger regarding what they would like to see unfolding in our world and this is stimulating a strong quantum response.

At the same time we have the small vortex being created between US President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, which has perhaps resulted in a lot more U.F.O. activity and sightings. None of this 'threatening talk' between these leaders is a problem as is shown in the "Unacknowledged" documentary, as our Intergalactic friends can diffuse all of this quickly if required, as our choices on Earth will not be allowed to have negative fallout on a universal level. Yet is is our planet and our inter-dimensional friends trust that we can make the right choices, they know, like we all do, that what we each vibrate has a huge impact and the fields as we know - so vibrating the love and compassion of our Pure nature is the best thing we can do!   

We know that some of you on our mailing list are not interested in the Matrix of Beings of Light and knowing our Intergalactic Kin but for those of you interested, this topic will be strong in this issue, as all sources are now confirming our intuitive knowing that we have now merged deeper with the unified realms than ever before and all the chaos just reflects this merge.

Personally, first came the inner push for me to complete and offer our Pranic People research freely to all, next came the push to create a very clear auto-biography in a brief video we call "Jasmuheen revealed"; and then came the strong inner call to add more data to our Youtube Playlist that we have called "Contact - our ET friends, UFO's, telepathy, Earth's future and more"; however in this series we are adding additional levels to what Dr Steven Greer has released on Netflix with his "Unacknowleged" movie (see his Youtube trailer.)

Our last newsletter had a number of people saying, how can we proclaim the Golden Age is here when there is still so much suffering in our world, so for these ones we share the new Red Dot Zone & The Golden Age movie at this link  where we offer a higher perspective on the zones of chaos in our world and how everything naturally comes up for rebalance at the start of a Golden Age time, so things are not what they seem. Then you might like to watch our new "Grand Awakening" video insight that flows on from this - you can see more re this below as it is quite an unusual message from our Light Being friends. 

I love being home as you know, I also love still being active and beaming into places via Skype as I did with the Openmind Festival in Spain this last week. The following message on "Recoding deeper into personal & global unity zones ... heart sharing about life, my background and so much more, including promoting the importance of open minds and hearts!" was what came through ... to view this click here ...

Finally, in a few days, I am off to India, then Taiwan then soon after that Brazil then back to China to do our wonderful Sacred Art Retreat! As usual you can see the link to our tour schedule below and of course we would love to see you there with us, for it is so different to be in the energy field we co-create in each gathering compared to the way we are connecting now - smiles.
This is Jasmuheen sharing all the love, all the light, all the wisdom that comes from my heart and my core, with you all.

Biggest hugs to you all - Jasmuheen and Anjie ...

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