lundi 3 décembre 2018


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This is one of Erika Witthuhn's conferences during the Pranic Festival in Romania 2018.
Erika says it is about the freedom of choice that we practice every day and about Mind Mastery, a task of a life time. Always seeing a deeper sense in our lives and watching the words we speak, being impeccable and always doing our best, not making any projections and taking nothing personally.

vendredi 30 novembre 2018

Talk at the Pranic Festival in Romania 2018

Prana Politics - Erika Witthuhn - Pranic Festival in Romania 2018

If you are interested in the event in 2019, please have a look here:

vendredi 12 octobre 2018

info automne2

Bonjour chers amis,

Malheureusement  je  dois déplacer la réunion mensuelle du 22 octobre à Bruxelles  au lundi 15 à 19h  chez moi. J'ai du accepter un  rendez-vous  médical très important  pour moi le  22/10.  Excusez-moi pour le délai très court. Cela  vient de se mettre en place cette après-midi seulement. La réunion de  Liège reste au  dimanche 21 octobre à 15h  chez Stefania  Pastechia.

Je vous  remercie de votre bonne compréhension. Je dois suivre mon intuition à 100%, ce que j'avais déjà fait lors de l'annulation de  mon voyage en  Inde à la  dernière minute, au mois de septembre.. Je  suis  dans un processus  de  transformation, encore une fois, et je sais que tout est pour le  meilleur  bien.  Ne vous souciez  surtout pas  pour moi. Je vous  en parlerai plus  en  détail quand nous nous  verrons. 

Amour, Paix et Joie

jeudi 6 septembre 2018

Autumn newsletter

Dear friends,

It is time for back to school, not only for the children, but  also for us in the School  of Life, in which we  have our own individual program for each of us. And is it not great to be able  to learn in our own way and rhythm and  not  to have to do things like everyone else. We are all different and therefore we act accordingly, don't expect that things that are right for one person also apply to the  others and above all to ourselves. Unity means that everyone does their best in this  moment.  We can always improve, however each one in their own rhythm. How many times do we catch ourselves to have these expectations that are unrealisable by the others? Let us  be more conscious and patient with our partners, friends, children etc. Let us speak to each other, understand their needs. This requires compassion, empathy, good will and above all unconditional love. This  last one is the strongest energy in all the universe, so let us take the habit of using it and applying it under  all circumstances with consciousness. A discipline to put into practice in our everyday life. Let us stop to  act "as usual" and  introduce this new program in all fields. Let us realise that we  are all divine - really,  all  of us, that is written in our cells, except that we have forgotten forgotten it  and buried  it under a  lot of rubble without noticing. And moreover, everything else is divine and just. There is a divine plan, a divine consciousness behind everything, how amazing ! And everything is  right, nothing is by chance, it is all up to us to discover and see  what we can learn from it in order to grow and increase our consciousness. 

Daring to live in that way is unusual and we did not learn it at school … It is an individual choice, a spiritual path that has its own rules, looking for the unknown, the extra-ordinary, not wanting to do things like everyone else, wanting to create  differently, find  a deeper sense in it all, follow our heart, realise our dreams,  discover new paths. Travel to unknown places, meet other peoples, other customs, other landscapes, learn other languages, enrich ourselves with the wisdom of the Ancients, the indigenous people of other cultures. It is also a path towards peace, first inner peace that  we  can only find in the  silence in ourselves, learn to love ourselves, not to compare ourselves to the others and think that they  are better or worse, enter into competition, want what they have …..
Let us learn to recognise what makes our heart sing, what are our talents, our unique capacities, our creativity, what we want to  do in our life, what en-chants us! And in that  way we work for peace on earth, do not chase recognition from outside anymore, look for the common good, for what we can do to live together in peace. It has always been difficult for me to understand  why people want to kill each other or make war or even make war in our own human relationships because our  expectations are not met. Whereas all can be so  simple  and joyful when we meet with the same intention and aspiration. It is when we realise that we can work together for a common cause like improving our living conditions or the state of our beautiful blue planet - pollution, exploitation, poverty … Let  us  look for the common good in all and engage ourselves for that.

We also need to go beyond what some of our old institutions taught us, that wanted to put us into a box and govern us in their ways, telling us  what we had to do in order to make them happy, not ourselves. Fortunately we realised  that they were  not really serving the highest best of  all and that it is now  a  time where we all need to take responsibility for our environment and not wait for  them to make  the rules. We  are  now  entering into a new cycle of elevating the consciousness of humanity to a higher level that has started with the end of  the Mayan calendar in 2012 when we celebrated all together on 21/12/2012 at all holy places on our planet. Lots of things are changing, and  many  people all over the  world have joined the  movement to create a better world. So many  people are engaged in this process of changing the old systems of politics, economy, education etc. that are  no more up to date with what is moving us now and  above all not taking care of what needs to be done. So many projects all over the world, many  of whom created  by the young people who are here now and having already this new consciousness  in their  cells, and many old  souls also have come  back now to help humanity, under these new  conditions, to create the New  Earth. Nothing  of this is mentioned  in the old media, they still consider us as  those crazy ones who have some funny ideas  and  don't realise how  many  we  are. That does not matter. We are doing our job anyway, and  it is up to us to incorporate our aspirations,  be the love, be the peace, the light and  the joy. 

We are continuing our monthly group sharings  and meditation in Brussels, in my  home, and in Liège (Herstal)   at the  home of one  of the participants, they are in French only.  If you want to participate in them please let me  know and  I will give you  the dates. 

I will meet  Jasmuheen this  year in  India at the Global Congress  of Spiritual  Science at Pyramid Valley near Bangalore after which I will do  some teachings at New Delhi. Jasmuheen will also  come back to Europe next year,  probably to Germany, Switzerland, Austria  and Romania. You will get the details on her website closer to the time.

I am travelling more  and more these days, participated  in three  pranic festivals this year in Belgium, Italy  and  Romania, and  I also  have  invitations to go to other countries. 

Meanwhile I  wish you  all the very best in your  lives and keep working for the highest best creating  the Golden  Age and  Paradise on  Earth.

Peace,  Love and Joy